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Tubelight insider review: Salman Khan will touch your hearts with his simplicity and innocence


You have all the more reasons to love BollywoodLife after this! While the entire nation will only get to watch Salman Khan’s Tubelight in theaters tomorrow. We EXCLUSIVELY bring to you the first review of the film, a day in advance. An insider who watched the film at a special screening last night, reveals how Tubelight is one of the most heartwarming films he’s watched so far. From how beautifully Salman and Sohail have translated their real life equation on screen to how Zhu Zhu turns out to be the perfect choice to play Salman’s love interest in the film – Here, without wasting a second, quickly scroll down to read the ‘TUBELIGHT INSIDER REVIEW’

Salman Khan’s Eid release for his fans is about to be here. Tubelight, his third movie with director Kabir Khan, is releasing this Friday. The movie also stars Sohail Khan as his younger brother who plays a soldier in the Indian army, and whose disappearance sets the wheels of the plot in motion. Chinese actress Zhu Zhu plays the female lead, while the late Om Puri also plays an important role along with Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub. Salman Khan’s good friend Shah Rukh Khan also has a cameo in the movie. Our editor-in-chief, Tushar Joshi is currently watching Tubelight and this is what he has to say about the first half…

“Salman Khan’s Tubelight is perhaps his widest release in terms of screens but also his quietest in terms of making the traditional Eid noise. A film based against the backdrop of the Indo-China war, Tubelight has Salman Khan play the role of Laxman, someone who looks at the world differently. Sohail plays his younger brother Bharat who gets enrolled in the army during the onset of the war. Laxman who is desperate to join the army is left behind because he clearly isn’t like the others. The first half is super high on emotion. Kabir Khan goes all out to make sure your tear ducts are on an overdrive. This is Salman like you have never seen him before and it isn’t so much about the way he talks or walks but the way he emotes and cries. There are tons of tears through the first half. Kabir manages to create the ’60s in an effective way. The props, the sets and the clothes are all on point. The film picks pace when child actor Matin enters in the storyline. He is not only cute and adorable but his chemistry with Salman is outstanding. The film does sort of test your patience in terms of the plot moving ahead at a rapid pace. But your patience is richly rewarded with a terrific performance by Salman. Sohail’s presence is enough to give you the Brotherhood feels that the story is all about. Zhu Zhu manages to impress in the few scenes she has had so far. Can’t wait to see where the story goes next. Am keeping the faith with this one!”