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This Men Followed The Rock’s Diet And Workout Routine For A Month And This Is The Result


Mark Webbster was all over the internet last month when he decided to follow The Rock’s daily eating and workout routine. Let us tell you, it’s a LOT of work! To keep himself in top shape, Rock eats over six times a day and clocks in approximately 6 hours of gym time. Yes, just like you, we also thought Webbster wouldn’t make. But guess what? The lad is already one month deep into the routine and the results speak for itself.
Webbster made it very clear that he didn’t want to get as jacked as the Rock. He wanted to let out a message that even normal people can follow the diet if they are serious about it. This is how Mark looks like right now.

In the left image, Mark is 93kgs and on the right side, he is 94kgs. While in the left image he’s fat heavy, he seems to have lost the fat and gained muscle in the right image, thus, gaining the extra pound. As you must have guessed, over 6 meals a day does cost you a lot. Mark spends 1,300 pounds a month to get all his food together and this is what his daily meal plan looks like.

Impressed with Mark’s dedication and transformation, The Rock himself tweeted out to the man!