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The Film Didn’t Show Who Exactly Was Bhallaldeva’s Wife! Rana Daggubati Himself Solves This Mystery!


Baahubali hit the theaters on 28th of April and finally, it satisfied everyone by revealing the secret behind Katappa killing Baahubali. The film has made millions of fans happy with its powerful plot and flawless performances by Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Sathyaraj and Anushka Shetty.

The global collections of the film surpassed 1000 crores & this milestone deserves huge celebrations. After the Katappa-Baahubali episode, some more mysteries are haunting the minds of fans, one of them being that of Bhallaldeva’s wife! Yes, many want to know the villain’s wife was.

The first part of the film showed Bhadra (Bhallaldeva’s son) being killed by Baahubali, which means he surely had a wife. Why wasn’t she shown in the film? There was not a single mention about her.

People tried hard but they couldn’t find an answer to this; however, Rana Daggubati came forward to solve this puzzle. In an interview with Bollywoodlife.com, he talked about his wife and tried to convince everyone in his own way, LOL.

Rana wasn’t serious on answering this question but in order to put people’s curiosity to rest, he joked and said “You can tell people he was a surrogate kid. He does
not have a mom.”

His answer was indeed a logical one, even though it was just a joke. We don’t know why the makers didn’t include Bhallaldeva’s wife in the film, but whatever it is, we
are convinced with his reply