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Kapil Sharma’s Show To Become Spicy! This Adult Actress To Be A Part Of TKSS Team Now!


Kapil Sharma’s show has lost that charm after the exit of vital characters Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar; without them, the show is incomplete, don’t you feel so? Kapil’s contract renewal is at risk due to dipping TRPs and so, he’s trying his best to increase the entertainment factor. Sadly, people aren’t accepting his show like before because they don’t find his jokes funny anymore.

After trying everything, Kapil has come up with something unexpected; reports by SpotboyE say that there’s going to be a new member in his team and you are going to be shocked on knowing the name. She’s none other than Monica Castelino, who’s a popular adult star. She has worked in various adult films, the famous ones being Men Not Allowed (Lesbian movie) and Kama Sundri.

We can understand that TKSS needs some newness to win the hearts of audience once again, but do you think viewers will accept the addition of an adult star to the team? Won’t they stop watching it thinking it is cheap? Some families might boycott Kapil’s show after Monica’s entry.

Speculations say that Monica would be the glamour girl in the team; she will have to do complete justice to the role so that she becomes viewers’ favorite. No one can replace Sunil, Chandan and Ali and no matter how hard Kapil tries, that vacuum will always be there.

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