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REVEALED! Behind shoes hanging around Salman Khan’s neck in Tubelight poster


Just yesterday the first look poster of Salman Khan‘s much awaited Tubelight was released and as expected the fans went berserk upon seeing just the “Back” of Salman Khan on the poster. Today the second poster of the film was released where the look of Salman Khan from the film was also seen. The poster too broke the internet as this time Salman Khan himself was visible. Now just imagine when mere the sight of Bhai’s back can send fan into a state of frenzy what would happen the trailer of the film will be launched next month. There’s gonna be total mayhem. Anyway, we’ll know when the trailer will hit the web, here I am gonna tell you the mystery behind the shoes that are seen in the second poster of Tubelight. Turns out the shoes visible in the poster of Tubelight are there for a reason.

A source close to development EXCLUSIVELY told us, “The shoes seen around Salman Khan’s neck on Tubelight’s poster actually belong to Sohail Khan’s character in the film, who is missing and in the film. The shoes are basically a character in the film and not just a prop. Salman Khan’s character Tubelight, as he’s called in the film, will be seen carrying them throughout the movie, while searching for his brother.”

Well, this revelation has got me more excited for the film. The film looks like a complete win-win for Salman Khan. With him playing a role different from all his roles in the past i.e of a dim-witted man-child, Shah Rukh Khan playing a special role in the film, we can’t wait for this Salman starrer.