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Pop Singer Katy Perry Slammed By Indians After She Shared Photo Of Goddess Kali


Hollywood pop singer Katy Perry disappointed her Indian fans after she posted a picture of Hindu Goddess Kali. The singer shared this photograph on her Instagram profile with a caption “current mood”, which did not go down really well with the fans who found it “disrespectful” and “offensive”.

The approach of the celebrities from the US and Europe towards the Indian culture has always been a sensitive topic. First, there was Selena Gomez wearing a bindi in her song, Come and Get It. Then there was Heidi Klum dressing up as the goddess Kali for Halloween. Now, it’s Katy Perry’s turn.

Katy’s inclination towards India is not new to anyone. She got married to ex-husband Russell Brand in India in 2010 in a traditional Hindu ceremony. Moreover, she also has a tattoo in Sanskrit language on her hand. However, her recent Instagram upload has left many fans in India furious.While several slammed the singer for using the photo to describe her mood, many others commented in her support. Instagram users in India said that she is “insulting religion” and there were others who found it “offensive to Hindus.”Check out below what fans have said about the upload:

“Katy perry just post in your limits… You just cant do like this… These religious photos are there for us to worship not to tell your fu**in mood…”

“plz kindly remove this image……. she is our Hindu goddess…… u cannot describe this as mood …. it’s insulting….. she is just as significant as Jesus Christ…….. respecting the feeling of millions plz remove the image…. we know that u did it unintentionally….. but plz do the needful”

“you can’t just insult a religion she is our godess”
“@katyperry You don’t even know the story behind this picture, so it’s stupid to quote “current mood” on it!”