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OMG! You Won’t Believe Why Gautam Gambhir’s Wife Wanted To Kill Him


Gautam Gambhir with god’s grace is blessed with a lovely wife, Natasha.
The two of them have been married since 2011 and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter named Azaeen.
However, all wasn’t well between the couple when Gautam Gambhir admitted his wife wanted to kill him.The couple has been dating since 2007, and finally tied the knot in 2011, one year after their engagement.
However, Natasha had her fair set of apprehensions regarding Gautam because of his celebrity status.

The apprehensions were busted when Natasha realised Gautam himself is grounded to earth and is very simple and they both have complementary lifestyles.
All is well between the couple barring this ONE time when Natasha literally wanted to kill him.

Gambhir himself admits that he isn’t the life of any party. He calls himself a quintessential Punjabi.
And just like a quintessential Punjabi, his favourite dish is…

Despite calling himself a true Punjabi, Gambhir admits he cannot dance. He was quoted saying “I never dance which is very un-Punjabi and akin to an Aussie cricketer who doesn’t sledge! I never ever have, not even to please my wife or erstwhile female interests.”
“Not even Mr. Khan could make me dance at any of KKR’s IPL after-match parties,” yes not even King Khan!

But this one time, at a sponsors shoot, Gautam Gambhir actually danced! He was quoted saying “But then there is always a first. Yes, yours truly shook his leg and that too for a sponsor’s shoot. Yes, I did. I know my wife Natasha will kill me for this as I have turned down her demands, instructions, and even appeals to shake a leg with her.”
Gambhir didn’t even dance at his brother’s wedding.

Thank god his wife didn’t actually kill him because we would’ve lost a precious player in him.
Thankfully, he knows how to make bowlers tap dance to him at his will.