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Media Said Preeti Simoes Is Starting A New Show With Sunil Grover! Here’s What Preeti Has To Say


reports of TKSS being replaced, media has come up with new gossips. Now, it is said that Kapil’s ex-GF Preeti Simoes has joined hands with Sunil Grover for a new show. There are rumors about a new show on Sony starring Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar.
Media reported that if everything goes well, this new show would start soon and will run parallel to TKSS; although there will be a great variation in the formats of both the shows, it would give tough competition to Kapil’s show. Since Sunil is bound by Sony’s contract, the channel wouldn’t leave him. Media also had sensational headlines like “Preeti ditched Kapil to join hands with Sunil.”

Finally, Preeti Simoes broke her silence on this matter. She got pissed off with media and rubbished all reports.

In an exclusive interview with Business Of Cinema she said,

“I love the way some internet portals have their imagination running wild. I would not like to comment on something like this and give it any undue importance but would really request credible journalists to at least call or text to confirm such news before presenting it on their esteemed platforms. Would love to meet these so called sources who know more about my life than I do.”

What a mouth-shutting reply that was! Journalists should know the ethics of reporting news. Hope media houses learn a lesson after reading this hard-hitting statement by Preeti.