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Disha Patani’s shocking transformation since her modeling days will leave you awestruck


Disha Patani was a model before she made her big leap in the Bollywood. Though she wasn’t a well known name in the modelling industry, she did quite a few commercials and we must say her transformation today has been mind boggling. From an average looking model to the most promising debutant in the Bollywood industry, the M.S.Dhoni star’s journey has been remarkable.

We are sure even Disha Patani would have never thought that she would be known as B-town one of the most glamorous ladies someday. The diva who once did small commercials is ruling Bollywood today with her charm and we can already see millions of boys drooling over her. Her transformation from drab to fab has truly been inspiring and mesmerizing.

No, we aren’t saying that Disha Patani was ever on the higher side but she did manage to lose all her extra pounds (whatever little extra she had) before entering the B-town industry. Right from working with Sushant Singh Rajput to Tiger Shroff and later even with Jackie Chan, Disha has come a long way and we are all definitely proud of her.

Disha Patani was just like all of us who came from a middle class background but with huge dreams in her eyes. She eyed Bollywood and always wanted to make it big one day. We are glad she took this huge leap and though her journey wasn’t an easy one, she managed to carve her own path and how!

Disha Patani who is dating Bollywood’s heartthrob Tiger Shroff has smitten him with all her charm. The actor is head over heels in love with her and do we blame him for this, definitely no! But no matter how much he loves, we are sure even he would fail to recognize her initial pictures.

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