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After Shilpa Shinde, This actress reveal about Harassment faced by Binaifer Kohli !


Recently, Television actress Shilpa Shinde, who has accused Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai producer Binaifer Kohli of mental torture and filed sexual harassment case against Sanjay Kohli has found support in actress Sameksha. Sameksha says that even she has suffered harassment from Binaifer, the reason she has come out in support of Shilpa. Sameksha had made her TV debut with Zaara, a decade ago, playing the title role and the serial was produced by Binaifer Kohli and Sanjay Kohli.

Sharing about being harassed by the producer duo, the actress says, “Zaara was my first TV show and at that time I didn’t know how the industry functioned. But the atmosphere on the sets was very bad. The director Pawan Sahu would use a lot of abusive language and when we complained to Binaifer, she would say, this is how it is.

The director on his part told us that he was instructed by Binaifer to treat actors like that else they will ‘sit on your head’. Also, she would take our close-ups for 10 days and then use a body double to shoot the scene. That way she would reduce the number of days of our shoot and save money. The performance would suffer because of that.”

Sameksha also shares that the payments were delayed and at times deffered. “If she had to pay Rs 10 lakh she would give only Rs 2 lakh and say ‘take this if not you won’t even get that’. She would say the TRPs are low or the payment hasn’t come from the channel.

When asked if she had talked about the same to Shilpa Shinde, Sameksha replied,“Shilpa thanked me, but I told her I am doing it because even I have gone through the


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