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This Simple 1-Minute Scene Of Sholay Took 3 Years To Shoot! Unbelievable But True!


Sholay is undoubtedly an iconic movie and will always be remembered in the history of Bollywood. In 2005, it got the Filmfare award for “Best Film of 50 years”.sholay1

To come up with such a wonderful piece, it surely took great efforts. In fact, there was 1 scene in Sholay, the shooting of which took 3 years, can you believe it?

Yes, in a recent interview, Big B revealed that a 1-minute scene featuring him and Jaya Bachchan took 3 years, owing to Ramesh Sippy’s perfection.

Remember that scene wherein Amitabh was sitting with a mouth organ in the outhouse and Jaya had to light a lamp? Well, Ramesh Sippy desired a special lighting for this shot. Mr Divecha, the Director of Photography wanted to shoot it during sunset; but thanks to Ramesh Sippy’s “Mr. Perfectionist” attitude, that it took 3 years to get that shot.

Every time, the sequence was enacted, something or the other came up and somehow, Ramesh Sippy wasn’t satisfied with the lighting. He said that until they get the right lighting conditions, the sequence wouldn’t be shot.