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Sunil Grover’s reaction to the news of Kapil Sharma beating him up will SHOCK you


Sunil Grover reacts to his fight with Kapil Sharma but it isn’t what you would expect.Exclusive-Kapil-sunil-1

Friendships are not easy to maintain in the entertainment industry. More so, when there is also a professional collaboration running parallel to it. One of the best examples of this is Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma. We totally adore the two as friends and the magic they create onscreen. But the association has been its share of lows and the latest report has left us shocked to say the least. As per a Spotboye report, a drunk Kapil Sharma beat up Sunil Grover in a flight when they were returning from Australia. It seems they were on board flight AI309, and passengers were aghast to see the two fighting.

As per the report, a sloshed Kapil Sharma went to Sunil’s seat and grabbed him by the collar. Then, he started hitting him and Grover was totally dumbfounded. The two almost came to blows and Kapil was heard saying, “Tu hai kaun? Tera show flop gaya tha, tu mera naukar hai, tu Australia mein bhi jo show kiya khud se woh flop tha.

Bollywood Life called up Sunil Grover who replied in just two words…No comments…When we asked him if he was thinking of quitting The Kapil Sharma Show as the report claimed, his reply was, “No comments please.” This is highly uncharacteristic of Sunil who is always prompt in sorting out reports of disagreements between Kapil and him. His silence left us wondering if things had indeed come to such a sorry state. There are zillions who love The Kapil Sharma Show solely because of Sunil Grover and this is indeed disheartening for them. One would remember that couple of months ago, stories floated as to how Kapil refused to promote Sunil’s Coffee with D on his show. When we asked Sunil, he clarified the entire controversy listing down how it could not materialise.

We also tried to get in touch with other members but they refused to comment. When the team of Comedy Nights with Kapil decided to move with him to another channel, everyone went gaga over the unity they had. The Kapil Sharma Show has been a huge success and it is sheer teamwork. Reports suggest that Kapil has developed airs after turning into a film producer. While it is tough to believe that someone who comes across as rooted as Kapil would be so arrogant, such reports force us to think otherwise. The comedian also found himself in a controversy for misbehaving with an actress on a cruiseliner after being in high spirits.