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Rajinikanth’s Star Power Has Won Once Again! Robot 2 Beats Baahubali Even Before Release


The trailer of Baahubali 2 has already intrigued a lot of curiosity in our minds; fans have a lot of expectations from the movie and we are sure that SS Rajamouli will deliver the best. On the other hand, there’s tough competition from Rajinikanth, who delivers only record breaking movies. The Thalaivar has created a lot of buzz with his upcoming flick 2.0 i.e. Enthiran 2.


Though the release dates of 2.0 and Baahubali 2 are different, they will fight hard to break records; while Baahubali managed to beat Rajinikanth’s Kabali in terms of trailer views, it failed to beat 2.0 with respect to satellite rights.

Baahubali created 2 big records in relation to trailer views and screen count but when it came to satellite rights, it couldn’t surpass 2.0. Remember, we reported about the Rajinikanth film minting 110 crores through satellite rights? Yes, it indeed broke a record with such a whopping sum.2

110 crores was the total of all the 3 versions i.e. Telugu, Tamil and Hindi; unfortunately, Baahubali 2 couldn’t reach this figure and had to settle for Rs 78 crores. Although the deal is good, it couldn’t break the record of 2.0.

Out of 78 crores, Baahubali 2 raked in Rs 50 crores from the Hindi version and Rs 28 crores from the other 3 versions i.e. Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.1

The 110 crore deal that 2.0 bagged shows the star power of Rajinikanth. Although his film will be released only in 3 versions, the amount is much more than that of Baahubali 2 which will be released in 4 versions.