Home News Kapil Sharma MISBEHAVED with VIDYA BALAN. Here’s what the ACTRESS did

Kapil Sharma MISBEHAVED with VIDYA BALAN. Here’s what the ACTRESS did


Kapil Sharma has apparently misbehaved with so many people in the last few months that it is almost impossible to count on our fingers. Still everything was going fine, until he misbehaved with Vidya Balan – who’s not only a leading Bollywood actress (a senior one at that), but also the wife of UTV head honcho Sidharth Roy
Kapur. Did Kapil even know what he was doing? Here’s what happened and how….kapil-sharma-misbehaves-with-Vidya-Balan

As per reports and the grapevine, Vidya Balan came on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show to promote her upcoming film ‘Begum Jaan’. But what Kapil did miffed Vidya Balan to such an extent that she stormed out of the sets.

Vidya Balan, along with her co-stars Gauahar Khan, Illa Arun and Pallavi Sharda had come to the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) to promote their upcoming film.
While Vidya and the whole team were waiting for the shoot, Kapil didn’t show up.

Not only that, for as many as SIX HOURS, THE SHOOT DID NOT START. Having patiently waited for six hours, Vidya Balan decided to walk out. But, as soon as Vidya sat in her car to take a silent exit, she instantly received a call from Kapil. That is when Kapil requested her to come back to the sets as they were “now ready to shoot.”

Without a slightest hint of doubt, Vidya, like a professional actor, returned to the sets. And that too “with the same zest and smile on her face that she had six hours ago”, as per reports. She did this because apparently she was too keen to promote her upcoming film and did not want to let the producers down.

Else, an actress of Vidya Balan’s stature, would have rather kept her ego in place and would have showed Kapil Sharma what true professionalism is. She could have even called up the producer of the film ‘Begum Jaan’ and told them that why she left the sets. But no, the actress, showed enough of grace and did not let the show or her producer down.
Goss is that the whole team of Begum Jaan was so miffed with Kapil that all the smiles that they showed for the show, FADED away instantly when the lights and cameras
went off.