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Along With Sunil, Even This Member Has Boycotted Kapil’s Show & Won’t Work With Him Anymore!


Few days back, while returning to Mumbai, a disheartening incident took place on the flight; Kapil was drunk and abused Sunil Grover a lot.

Even though Sunil kept mum, Kapil didn’t stop giving him bad words; but this was not it! Kapil Sharma not only abused Sunil Grover, but he also hurt Chandan Prabhakar with his harsh words.kapil-sharma1-2

Yes, even Chandan Prabhakar was travelling with them and had to bear Kapil’s unexpected behavior. Now, according to reports, Sunil and Chandan have decided to boycott The Kapil Sharma Show. They won’t be shooting for the show anymore.

As per a source, Kapil called Sunil several times, but he didn’t answer his calls. The team was supposed to shoot with the star cast of Naam Shabana, but the schedule had to be cancelled due to this.kapil-2-600x506

Sony Channel asked Navjot Singh Sidhu to intervene and sort out the matter, but it didn’t work out. Although Sunil and Chandan spoke to Siddhu on call, they flatly refused to work with Kapil Sharma.
It is also said that Kapil cried a lot on the sets, but we don’t know how far it’s true. If members keep boycotting the show this way, it’ll be very bad for Kapil, don’t you think so?