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WATCH: This DISGUSTING side of Manveer Gurjar will make you REGRET making him the WINNER of Bigg Boss 10!


Winner of Bigg Boss 10 Manveer Gurjar might be the talk of the town nowadays but he certainly has ruined his reputation after a friend leaked a video of the boy online. The Noida boy who defeated Bani J in the final top 2 had a blast with friends and family post his success at Lonavla and now he’s back home with his closest friends celebrating with them as well. What you are about to see in the video below will be an eye-opener.manveer-bigg-boss-winner

Manveer Gurjar is here seen saying things you’d probably never expect him to say. His real side is definitely dropping our jaws. We knew Manveer speaks his mind and is a very bold guy when it comes to expression but THIS is something we probably did NOT hope to see from someone who has just won a reality TV show like Bigg Boss.

Not only that but this abusive video also came out. Manveer was apparently married from beforehand. Those of you who were wondering he was serious about Nitibha Kaul

definitely need to see this. Manveer’s sister in law had recently told us in an interview that they don’t prefer someone like Nitibha as there is nothing homely about

her. Little did we know that this guy was already married from before.