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UNEXPECTED: This is how Kabil started thrashing Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees on Box office!


Apart from seeing huge pitfalls since its release, Kaabil still has some kaabil elements to stick on the screen despite facing huge competition from SRK’s Raees. But there was a time when Rakesh Roshan was highly disappointed because Screeners are not taking interest to place it in movie halls!Untitled

Rakesh wrote “It’s very unfortunate I got up in the morning I saw in the papers. It’s 45-55 now. I don’t know for sure. It is not correct. I am very shocked. I smelt something is wrong somewhere. So I showed them two reels because they always feel I make wrong films. But then when I succeed, they all congratulate me. For Kaabil also the same thing happened. Because this time we had a strong opponent. In my entire career, I have never shown my film but I had to show one hour of the film to change their mindset. But still in the morning when I saw this I was hurt that after giving assurances that it will go 50-50 they have still done what they had to do.”713934

Talking about the box office collections, “Kaabil” is already on the way to enter the 100 crore club and somewhere, “Raees” is affected by this clash for sure.
Considering the content of the film, acting, perfect technicalities and Item song film Kaabil is not as least as we thought.
As if now exhibitors made up minds of increasing the movie’s screen count by 200+ in the second weekend.