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Shocking! These 12 Hollywood Actors Who Worked In Bollywood And Disappeared!


Bollywood actors have made an impact with their roles in Hollywood. Top Bollywood actresses, Deepika and Priyanka have made quite a stunning appearance in Hollywood movies recently with the former appearing with superstar Vin Diesel in XXX : The Return of Xander Cage. Bollywood has had a fair share of contribution from other global film industries too. Many Hollywood actors have wooed the audiences of Bollywood with their charming acting skills and looks. However, a lot of those actors just came and went away like a blink. Here is a list of ten such foreign actors who worked in a Bollywood movie and never appeared again.

Many times they even stole the limelight from the Indian stars. And if we tell you what many of them did after their Bollywood appearances or what they are actually doing now, it might just surprise you.

1. Paul Blackthorne: The actor who played a commandable role of Captain Russell in Lagaan will always be remembered by every Bollywood fan. Paul Blackthorne is an English actor, who after working in Bollywood, has only seen in a growth in his career. He is now an integral part of a popular TV series, Arrow. He also played a memorable part in another TV series, The River.

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Here we list for you some of the most memorable foreign actors who appeared in Bollywood and later went on to do greater work elsewhere in the world! Check out what they are upto now.