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In The Midst Of Kaabil & Raees Clash, Aamir Khan’s Dangal Is Still Sailing Smoothly


One thing that is too predictable about Bollywood collection is that it will stop after a certain time. But what is more astonishing is the fact that Aamir Khan’s Dangal movie is still going strong despite going through the clash of Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil and Shahrukh Khan’s Raees.1Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Raees has just entered into the 100 crore club while Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil movie is still struggling hard to come near to that feat. Well, we can talk about the screen distribution in some other article. Meanwhile, even after 6 weeks of its release, Aamir Khan’s DANGAL movie has till now collected a whopping Rs 385.07 crores; this means that Aamir has broken his own record of PK, which was the highest grosser till now with 340 crores.

The film’s success of still staying that long on the theaters is surely giving some nightmares to the filmmakers who are now about to release their films. The dominance of Aamir Khan can be clearly seen as his movie has still managed to collect Rs 1.19 crore on its sixth weekend despite the two big releases. Dangal is the first Indian movie that has collected more than Rs 200 crores overseas (202.28 Crores).2

But the success of Dangal just cannot be credited to Aamir Khan only. It was the ‘story’ that made a huge impact in the mind of the audience. The story to empower girls. The story about the struggles of our athletes. Aamir Khan’s wise investment of time and money is something that helped the film. The talent of banking on such stories came to him since his childhood when he used to hear a lot of stories when writers and directors came to his father’s house as he was a producer. Aamir Khan used to listen to 100 of them from different kind of writers and directors and this gave him the ability to understand the versatility of many stories.3

These small incidents in his early days of his life are today helping him to analyze the story and its ability to influence the audience with a positive vibe. And that’s the reason why his movies stay long on screens and earn very good collections. The matter is not about the releasing your film in competition to a lower quality film and then earning good profits, but it is simply all about providing a good content. Even during such a competitive time when Kaabil and Raees are now clashing and trying hard to crush each other, it’s the DANGAL movie which is still going well even after its 6th week of release.4