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BIGG BOSS 10 may be over but sources reveal a BIGGER TWIST is on it’s way for season 11! Find out here!


Bigg Boss 10 is definitely one of the best reality TV shows we have ever watched on Colors. Not only does it have millions of fans but also viewers who keep waiting for the show every season. Every year a new, exciting and spicy theme is introduced and this time we must mention that something super exciting and cool has been lined up. Keep reading to find out.salman-khan-bigg-bossThe last season of Bigg Boss was quite interesting in terms of concept. Commoners were introduced for the first time on the show. From Nitibha Kaul to Manu Punjabi, people from different backgrounds came together for the first time on the show and it was absolutely splendid. Raj Nayak who is the CEO of Colors has therefore decided to come up with something even more exciting in season 11.salman-khan-raj-nayak

During an interview, Raj Nayak said that there could be more commoners the following year. You can read the statement below.

People told me getting commoners would be a flop idea. In fact, I have been trying to do this format for three years but faced resistance from the team. Finally, they also gave in but they wanted that it should have equal number of celebrities and commoners. So, I compromised. But commoners turned out to be very good for us. This was a way of reinventing. So, (I think) next year, should we go with all commoners? I don’t know but that’s how we reinvent.”

Although nothing is sure as of now, we cant confirm the news unless the official page posts one.