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BIGG BOSS 10: Here’s how much all the commoners were PAID PER WEEK to stay in the house!


Bigg Boss 10, the popular reality TV show that came to an end recently with the success of commoner Manveer Gurjar has now disclosed how much they’ve paid the commoners. We must have told you before about the celebrities being paid in crores, especially VJ Bani and Rahul Dev who were requested several times to be a part of the show until they consented. Latest news tells us that the commoners were paid MUCH LESS as compared to the celebrities. Scroll down to find out more.bigg-boss-commoners

The commoners were not given any signing amount like the celebrities. They were paid a mere sum of 25,000 rupees per week only. This was written in the contract and signed by the commoners before ending the house. Some of the commoners definitely made very little money as they didn’t last for very long. That is very sad and unfair indeed.

Talking about commoners, check out this latest piece of news we just found about commoner and winner Manveer Gurjar. The Noida boy who claimed to be single on the show is in real married and we have all the proof in the video below.