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Ajay Devgn and Kajol are going to be shocked reading these latest revelations by Karan Johar..


An ANGRY Karan Johar speaks up again, blames Ajay Devgn for saying nasty things and refuses to forgive Kajol

Clearly, Karan Johar is deeply hurt and cannot stop venting about the betrayal that he’s faced from his longtime friend Kajol. While he already spoke at length about how she doesn’t hold any relevance in his life anymore through his book – The Unsuitable Boy. Little did we expect he’ll further go on to rant about how more than Kajol, it was her husband Ajay Devgn who made things worse/ugly, eventually being responsible for ending their 25 years of friendship.Kajol-Karan-Ajay-Devgan

In his explosive interview with News 18, Karan has blasted Ajay by revealing shocking details about his abusive phone call. He said, “He called me and shouted at me and said some really nasty things because he heard at a party that I’d said some things about his wife. I just felt that heresay cannot be the reason for anyone to pick up the phone and say unsavoury things to anyone else. You have to give me the chance to defend myself.”

That said, Karan then went on to open up about the fiasco during the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Vs Shivaay clash. How Ajay yet again jumped the gun to accusing Karan of wanting to defame him after Kamaal R Khan leaked a questionable phone conversation. Karan argued, “He(Ajay) put out a statement saying there should be an investigation
and she retweeted it saying ‘SHOCKING’. And that was it. I felt she should’ve not allowed her husband to say such things about me & even if he had, she shouldn’t have endorsed and thirdly she should’ve picked up the phone and called me and said sorry for that entire situation. I’d like to say & I stand by it is that this is not a phase, a feeling that will change. No matter what, she’s out of my life.”

Guess like how Karan initially said, “Sometimes chapters end, books end, relationships end…” There’s gonna be no patch up on the cards!