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Top 4 Reasons Why Aamir Khan Is The Best Among The Khans In Bollywood


Art has no boundaries, that gives it the advantage to travel the farthest, dive the deepest and fly the highest without the worry of being measured in terms of any physical quantity. So in short, ART is not quantifiable. However, many so-called critics would have loved to have a device which could quantify qualities like ART, NATURE AND TALENT.

His movies are not just about glamor and item songs, there are always some good social messages behind it.

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However, since the lack of it, the high intensified debate on ‘THE BEST KHAN IN BOLLYWOOD’ still has not been settled even after so many years. To be honest, the following content in this article will be purely based on my taste, hence, any hater of Aamir Khan is allowed to go back and not read the further content.

Time and again Aamir Khan has proved why he is called by the name ‘Mr. Perfectionist’. The perfection with which he executes and do justice with his role in his movies are the living examples of the reason as to why people call him with this name.

So here are some few reasons as to why he is better than the rest of Khans in Bollywood.