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These 3 shocking revelations Priyanka Chopra revealed about herself on Koffee With Karan!


Hollywood sensation and our very own desi girl Priyanka Chopra has revealed quite a bit about herself in the recent episode of Koffee With Karan aired last night. The 34 year old made an appearance for the fourth time on the show and we were indeed very impressed seeing how wonderfully she carried herself on camera. Pee Cee spent a lot of time talking about Hollywood, her career, her future plans and of course… gave away quite interesting details about herself! Scroll down to find out.1Priyanka spoke about experiencing racism during a flight. While travelling from Europe to New York, the actress went to the washroom when suddenly the flight attendant stopped her. Priyanka was prohibited from using the first class loo as they thought she was a second class passenger due to her brown colour. The actress however, maintained her calm, gave the girl a piece of her mind and showed her the seat. The air hostess apologised to Pee Cee later on realising her mistake.

2Ever see Priyanka became a Hollywood star, people have started speculating each and every move of the actress. While some thought she was dating her co-actor in Quantico, there are others who felt she was hanging out with Tom Hiddleston. When the actress was questioned about it, she said that the boys in America are very different from the guys in India. Indian men are cautious. They don’t tell you things straight up. American boys on the other hand don’t mind asking you out immediately. They don’t take baby steps at all! LOL!


Priyanka also said a lot about her love life. She admitted kissing her ex after breaking up, confessed that she never lied about being a virgin and also showered with her partner. It seems that Priyanka was very cool when it came to talking about herself and couldn’t care less about what others had to tell.