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Shocking – This is How Much Aamir Khan Has Earned From Dangal’s Mega-Success


In case you follow Bollywood in any way, shape or form, you must know how Aamir Khan’s Dangal, not only received great critical acclaim but is also creating one record after the other at the Indian Box Office.dangal-7599

And if you are a more passionate fan, you must know how big Bollywood stars aren’t really paid for the movies beforehand. Instead, they have a fixed profit percentage. Which means if the film doesn’t earn, they don’t get paid. But also, if the movie earns, they get a huge slice of the profits pie.

And Dangal, which has earned Rs 382 crore in the domestic market and another Rs 200 crore in the international markets, has emerged as a major box office success. And this implies a great return for its star Aamir Khan.

According to reports, Aamir Khan will receive nearly Rs 200-210 crores for the film. Yes, you read that correctly.

It has been reported that the film, which is made on a budget of Rs 60 crore, stands to make Rs. 241.68 crore as profit with a 322.24% rate of Return on Investment. And this level of profit would mean a great return for its star. The profit also including the sale of satellite rights to Zee Network of Rs 55 crore.