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Shahid Kapoor shares the first look of Rangoon


c1fg_kixcaat1mwThe first look of Rangoon was shared by Shahid Kapoor and we are super excited.

After treating fans to an adorable picture of Misha, Shahid Kapoor today unveiled the first look of Rangoon. And it has blown us away. We know it is a period film and the poster captures the bygone era with great flair. The tagline is Love.War.Deceit…if that is not intriguing what is? Rangoon has Shahid reuniting with his Haider

director Vishal Bharadwaj. The actor said on Twitter that the trailer is out on January 6. We heard that it is inspired by the Hollywood classic Casablanca but we have to wait and watch.

The black and white poster is so reminiscent of the World War II times. Planes flying over, troops marching and the general sense of gloom and fear, the poster says it all. It is a slightly melancholic one but we hope the next look will be brighter. Rangoon has been shot extensively in the virgin locales of the North East, in Arunachal Pradesh. We know that the Japanese tried to enter India through Myanmar and that frontier and many Indians served the British Army with great valour.

Shahid plays an Army Officer while Kangana Ranaut is Jaanbaaz Julia, an actress – the character is inspired by Mary Ann Evans better known to film buffs as Fearless Nadia. Buzz is the film is a love triangle between Kangs, Shahid and Saif, who will reportedly play a film producer. Vishal Bharadwaj’s most films are inspired by William Shakespeare but this is different. Knowing his eye for detailing, we can safely say we are expecting another masterpiece. Shahid has done some of his best work with the director and this might be better than Kaminey or Haider.