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Oh No! Bad News For Salman Khan Fans As He Might Quit Bigg Boss Because…


Bigg Boss has been a thorough entertainer for most of us, don’t you agree? It has been years since the show has been gaining all the attention for its drama and controversial characters. Salman has been associated with the show since 7 years and we love his style, hosting and the way he presents himself.1

Hats off to Salman for being patient with all kinds of contestants on the show; good as well as bad. Every weekend he never forgets to praise all those good contestants who have followed the rules and have maintained peace. At the same time, he never spares those contestants who have gone against the rules and created chaos.

Recently, he asked Priyanka Jagga to get out of the house after seeing the trouble she was creating for fellow housemates. He even said that he doesn’t want to be associated with the channel anymore if Priyanka returns to Colors.
Amidst all this, we have some sad news for all Bigg Boss fans; rather Salman Khan fans. Many people watch Bigg Boss only and only for Salman. But now, there are reports that claim Salman will be quitting the show after Bigg Boss 10.

This news has already left us sad. Want to know the reason behind this? ABP news reports that Salman was doing the show because it’s damn close to his heart but now the actor says that his image is being damaged, due to which he will quit the show.

Yesterday also we saw how Om Swami accused Salman that he is an ISI agent. Even when Priyanka Jagga was evicted, she along with her brother Sameer Jagga would malign Salman Khan’s image on social media. This is definitely a damage to Salman’s reputation and it seems he can’t take it anymore.

Salman hasn’t given any confirmation on this yet, but very soon we might come to know about the decision. If he quits the show, upcoming seasons of BB will become boring.