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Lucky Sehwag Has Made Rs 30 Lakhs On Twitter! Here’s How…


Virender Sehwag rules Twitter and he enjoys many followers there. After Sehwag retired from Cricket, he switched to commentary. While doing that, he became super- active on Twitter and developed a hobby to entertain everyone with his hilarious tweets. His funny nature combined with wit became quite popular on Twitter.

His popularity earned him over 7 million followers on Twitter, can you believe that? For every situation, sad or happy, Sehwag has some brilliant tweets that are loved by one and all. Earlier, Viru paaji was in news for his fours and sixes and now, he’s in news for his tweets.

But do you know one secret? Sehwag has earned lakhs of Rupees with these tweets! You got that right; in an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, Sehwag spoke about his life as a commentator and in this, he also told about his Twitter earnings.6

He revealed that he has earned 30 lakhs in last six months by tweeting. Do you how he earned so much money? Well, seeing his wit, brands have hired him for posting tweets for them.

Sehwag started tweeting all jokes that he used to crack in the dressing room and they become a hit. With shares and retweets, sponsors started following and money started flowing in.

Sehwag makes sure that the tweets he posts are a mix of advertising and humor; this has definitely helped him grow in every possible way.

We hope to see some more hilarious tweets in future. What’s your take on this? Do share your views in our comments section below.