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Kaabil V/S Raees 5th Day Collections! Hrithik Proves Power In Spite Of Lesser Screens


Year 2017 is always going to be remembered for its big clash i.e. Raees V/S Kaabil. Yes, the movies are fighting out hard at the Box Office and are showing good growth day by day. On all 4 days, Raees was leading the race, but Kaabil too was showing a good growth and was trying hard to beat the numbers of the SRK starrer.srk

Things can turn the other way round anytime now, because the gap between the collections considerably. Let’s have a look at the 5th day collections…

Raees collections!

On the 5th day i.e. Sunday, Raees has minted awesome numbers. It collected 17.80 crores, thereby bringing the total to 93.24 crores. Just 7 crores more and it will enter the 100 crores club. There are high hopes that it will reach the 100 crores club on Monday itself.
Day 1- 20.42 crores

Day 2- 26.30 crores

Day 3- 13.11 crores

Day 4- 15.61 crores

Day 5- 17.80 crores

Total- 93.24 crores

Kaabil collections!

Kaabil too showed similar growth as Raees and minted 15.05 crores. In 5 days, the total of Kaabil has reached 67.46 crores. Although there is a 30 crores difference in

the total collections of Kaabil and Raees, things might change and the clash might favor Kaabil; fingers crossed. In spite of just 40 percent screens allotted to

Kaabil and 60 percent allotted to Raees, collections are inching closer. Situation might turn the other way round on Monday!

Day 1- 10.43 crores

Day 2- 18.67 crores

Day 3- 9.77 crores

Day 4- 13.54 crores

Day 5- 15.05 crores

Total- 67.46 crores

Both the flicks are worth watching the theaters; may the best movie be successful.