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Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan’s reaction on Rohan Mehra-Swami Om slap incident is UNBELIEVABLE!


This week, Bigg Boss 10 witnessed one of the major incidents in the glass walled house, when Swami Om tried to sabotage the captaincy task for Rohan Mehra and Rohan lost his cool and pushed Om Swami for his evil deed.

Ever since his beti Priyanka Jagga has been kicked out of the show by host Salman Khan, Swami Om has left no stone unturned to fill in her shoes. First he tried to pull Rohan back to prevent him from entering the igloo in the ‘Toofan’ task and later, during the captaincy task, he tried his level best to ruin it for Rohan again.

The situation became out of control when, instigated by Om Swami’s deeds, Rohan pushed him away and Bigg Boss punished him by nominating him for the rest of the season. This week, during Weekend Ka Vaar, when host Salman Khan came to the said incident, he reacted in a completely different manner from what was expected

While the housemates as well as the viewers expected him to blast Swami Om, on the contrary, Salman maintained a calm and composed demeanour and gave a piece of his mind to Rohan, telling him that Om Swami tries to instigate all the contestants in the house and that it’ll be good if none of them react to what he says or does. Coming to Swami Om, Salman slammed him for being the miscreant during all the captaincy tasks.

When the housemates complained about Omji’s unruly behaviour and his attack on Rohan during the Toofan task, Salman asked them why they didn’t put him in the jail for what he did.