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Aamir’s “Dangal” Made A Record Breaking Earning But Mahavir Singh Phogat Got Only This


Aamir Khan’s latest release “Dangal” has broken all the records on the box office and did a business of more than Rs 300 crore in just 17 days after the movie hit the screens.1However, the character from whom the film is inspired, i.e., Mahavir Singh Phogat seems to be contented with the little fraction of it.

As per reports, he got around Rs 80 lakh for telling the whole lot about his journey. Even if he didn’t show any interesting in talking about it, sources close to him disclosed that he’s pleased with whatever he received.2

The Phogats made an investment of the amount for the well-being of wrestlers by purchasing high-yielding buffaloes in view of the fact that mostly wrestlers of our country are vegetarians to the core and milk products make an important part of their everyday diet.3

All his daughters named Geeta, Babita, Sangita and Ritu, are also fortunately wrestlers and Ritu even got a film’s offer; however, there was no interest and enthusiasm from Mahavir Singh for this. In the Pro-Wrestling League II, she got Rs 36 lakh and became the highest-paid wrestler and she also didn’t have any interest in movies as she says, “I’d rather achieve in wrestling.”

Geeta Phogat had been the first ever Indian female grappler who won a gold medal at Commonwealth Games in the year 2010 and all the credit for the success of Phogat sisters goes to none other than Mahavir Singh who was honored with Dronacharya Award by Indian government.

Mahavir Singh Phogat’s dream is to set up a wrestling academy in Haryana’s Balali; however, he has put it on hold, as he says, “We will talk to the government in this regard, let’s see how things work out.”

As of now, he is concentrating on his daughters as well as nieces named Priyanka and Vinesh. As per a coach, “All five are expected to train under him for the next couple of months and not attend the national camp.”