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A story in pictures: Om Puri, an institution of art who lived a full life, died a lonely death


Om Puri, the more is said about the man, the less it is. The veteran actor, who was an institution in himself, breathed his last today, leaving behind a void in Indian cinema that would be hard to fill. He was a man who did not mince his words, despite the reactions, and stood by what he thought was right. He was one of the first Bollywood stars to star in international movies and even won accolades for it.

Padmashri winner, and someone who astounded one and all with his exemplary performances, Om Puri was an actor one comes across in a long time. The man lived a full life, but died a lonely death.

Here’s an ode to him, a coverage of his life, in pictures.

Born in Ambala, Om Puri’s date of birth was unknown for a long time. He just knew that he was born two days after Dusshera. It was later on when he moved to Mumbai (then Bombay) that he looked up the date of Dusshera that year, and established his date of birth to be October 18, 1950.

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