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Yuvraj Proves That He Is Husband No.1 With His Perfect Pre-Marriage Gift To Hazel!



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Marriages are undoubtedly very hectic and tiresome, aren’t they? Those never ending planning, shopping and traditions, make you feel like running away somewhere where there is just peace and relaxation.

Trends have changed now; these days, husbands try their best to keep their to-be wives relaxed and happy before the D-Day. Even the way of expressing love has changed
big time! Nowadays, we see many guys giving expensive gifts to prove their love and make the girl feel special.

Amidst this, Yuvraj has proved how special Hazel is to him, by giving the best pre-marriage gift to her. Hazel will cherish this gift throughout her life. Want to know what it is? Well, he gifted her a solo trip, isn’t that exciting and amazing?

Yuvi was pretty busy with the Ranji Tropy Games and wasn’t able to give time towards his marriage preparations. It was Hazel and his mom Shabnam Singh who were looking after all the arrangements. However, Yuvraj knows that the preparations were stressful and hence, he decided to give a break to Hazel.

Well, this British-Mauritian actress loves adventurous sports, mainly surfing. So to give her the much needed relaxation, Yuvraj sent her to Puducherry, formerly known as Pondicherry wherein she can enjoy and surf. The trip became all the more interesting, as it doubled up as Hazel’s bachelorette party.

Hazel said

“I never really had the time for a proper bachelorette party. Since it’s already a ten day event, my friends would have been confused whether to come for the wedding or just bachelorette party here! Yuvi had sent me to Pondicherry in the middle of all the wedding chaos and mess because he knows how much I love to surf.”

Moreover, Yuvraj also sent Hazel’s best friend to join the fun. Hazel further says

“He surprised me by sending Bruna Abdullah as she’s one of my closest friends! He knew I didn’t have time for a proper bachelorette, everyone was so busy plus my
family is also away. All my friends are also in different cities, therefore, it was an emotional moment for me.”