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Twitter User Said Taimur Should Die! Rishi Kapoor Abused Him In The Worst Possible Manner!


rishi-kapoor-1-600x356Twitter has turned really nasty these days and people are misusing the platform to troll people, to pass dirty comments and obviously, to pass time by tweeting and making fun of others.

Yesterday, we already saw how Rishi Kapoor got angry on trollers who tried to mock Saif and Kareena for naming their son “Taimur Ali Khan”.
The name “Taimur” has a very bad history attached to it, but does this give trollers a right to make fun of it and bring senseless things in between? Rishi Kapoor literally used bad words for people who tried to mock “Taimur”.

Some even had the daring of bringing Rishi Kapoor’s ancestors in between; he gave them a mouth-shutting reply too. Now once again Chintuji is fuming and this time something very serious has happened.

Well, someone left a positive tweet to Rishi stating that Saif and Kareena’s son would definitely change the definition of “Taimur”, on which the actor thanked him. However, there was a user who couldn’t control himself from trolling; Rishi Kapoor preferred keeping mum and hence, just a thumbs up!

But wait; this didn’t end here; another user crossed all limits of inhumanity and tweeted that Taimur must die. Here’s what he tweeted..

@chintskap @Bong_in_Delhi Nobody is worrying. I hope the kid falls sick and dies soon.

— upperberth (@upperberth) December 22, 2016

Now, after listening to such a thing, do you think Rishi Kapoor will keep quite? Obviously no, he slammed the user left and right and abused him a lot; have a look at Rishi Kapoor’s tweet!

Look at this cheap son of a fuckn bitch. This asshole should be trolled to death himself. BASTARD https://t.co/dAwuwjEfbb

— Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) December 22, 2016

We definitely support Chintuji here; how dare someone posts such non-sense and meaningless tweets for a new-born baby? What’s your take? Do share in our comments section below.