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This Is How Akshay Kumar Reacted Over Aamir Khan’s Money-Making Tips Statement


Undoubtedly, Akshay Khiladi Kumar is one of the most talented and intelligent actors of B-Town. He seems to have absolutely no comparison as far as economics is concerned, taking into consideration the fact that he’s counted among the globe’s highest paid stars and has beaten Hollywood celebs such as Johnny Depp and Mark Wahlberg.

What’s more, about four movies of the actor release each year and this number is definitely higher when compared to any other Khan, be it SRK, Aamir or Salman. His friends from the industry are well aware of his sharpness and just lately, Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, i.e., Aamir Khan expressed his desire of taking money-making tips from Akshay.

Reacting over the statement made by Aamir, Khiladi Kumar said while interacting with Mumbai Mirror,

“Ha, trust the highest grossing actor to want to ask me such a question! Unfortunately I’m on an outdoor shoot, with limited access to television, so I am unaware of his statement and wouldn’t want to comment on anything unknown to me. My only tip for anyone is if you want to earn more, then make more.”

hat is obviously the best way to earn more. If we take a look at Aamir’s style of working, he usually takes a year for one project. His last release was “PK” in Dec 2014 and now “Dangal” is coming up in Dec 2016 while in 2015, Akshay came up with four movies – “Baby”, “Gabbar Is Back”, “Brothers” and “Singh Is Bling” and he has already given 3 superhit movies in 2016 – “Airlift”, “Rustom” and “Housefull 3”. As Akshay is one of the most dependable actors of Bollywood, he not only takes home his fees but also a share in the ticketing revenue and in “2.0”, in which he is playing a villain, it is said that he is paid more than even the superstar Rajinikanth.

Akshay also talked about Khan’s decision of doing only one movie yearly. In his words,

“But for some reason they seem to be taking it slow. Even I find it hard to wait so long for their films to release. I’m glad that Salman and Shah Rukh have started doing at least two films annually because I genuinely look forward to their movies. It is brilliantly intense that someone like Aamir (earlier even SRK) released only one film a year sometimes, but I miss them on the big screen. I can only imagine how their fans feel.”

The actor is of the opinion that all the three Khans have had a great contribution in Bollywood which is apparently visible in terms of box office collections of their
flicks and of course, not to mention, their fan following.

Article Source: RJVCJ