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Shah Rukh Khan Raees’s MINDBLOWING trailer and here’re 7 things you can expect from it


raeesRaees is turning out to be on the most awaited Shah Rukh Khan film in recent times. Ever since the first teaser was out, almost over a year back, the SRK fans are going berserk! Even B-Town ladies seem to be floored by the attitude and style of Miyan Bhai. The film is an important one for the superstar as many are saying he will break out of his ‘star image’ once it releases.

Raees is directed by Rahul Dholakia of Parzania and Lamha fame, and is jointly produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment and Farhan Akhtar’s Excel Entertainment. Shah Rukh Khan plays a Gujarati bootlegger in the movie, where his character’s name is Raees Alam aka Miyaanbhai. Pakistani actress Mahira Khan plays the female lead. The always scene stealing Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays a cop in the movie, who is hot on the heels of Raees Alam to get him arrested. The first powerful
teaser of the movie came one and a half year back, and blew our minds away. I know the wait has been too long, but if we go by Tushar’s words, the new trailer is totally worth the year and a half gap. It is simply outstanding!

According to him, here’s what you can expect from the trailer:

Shah Rukh Khan in a proper action avatar

Going by the first line of the story, this is the context we are talking about. The last few films of Shah Rukh Khan, like Dilwale and FAN may have not worked as per our expectations. Sure, Dear Zindagi redeemed his star value for us, but he was there in a supporting role to Alia Bhatt’s main lead. Here, Rahul Dholakia finally utilises his larger than life image to create a powerful action avatar for Shah Rukh Khan. You might have seen glimpses of that in Dilwale and FAN, but here he is in that traditional maar dhaad stuff that will appeal to everyone. So yeah, Shah Rukh Khan is back!

The massy dialoguebaazi

Of course, Raees has to have some powerful dialogues otherwise what’s the point of making a massy movie? But Raees‘ dialogues are more than just powerful – they even
have that philosophical flavour to it, that are well-thought and written with convicted. Rest assured that once the trailer is out, we can see the dialogues as the captions for many T-shirts – Baniye ki dimaag aur Miyaanbhai ke daring being one of many…

Rahul Dholakia’s version of Don

As our editor pointed, this is how Rahul Dholakia would perceive the classic Don if he ever got the chance to make it. Right from SRK’s body language, the dialogues and that powerful BG score with Gujarati elements – the trailer has everything that makes it our era’s Don, never mind the remakes that came before (also starring Shah Rukh Khan). BTW the cinematography is fantastic as well.

Mahira Khan fans, fear not. She is there

We saw how Ali Zafar was ignored in the promotions of Dear Zindagi, despite having sufficient screen time (at least more than Angad Bedi’s, who just had two scenes and yet had found berth for himself in the promotions), following the anti-Pakistani sentiment that’s going on. So we were worried whether the same fate would befell Mahira as well. But our worries were misplaced as the trailer gives her ample screen time. She even has a very cute romantic scene with Shah Rukh Khan, that you have
to watch out for.

Shah Rukh Khan in different looks

Raees trailer hints that we might be seeing Shah Rukh Khan’s character at different junctures of his life. So you will see him in different age groups and various looks matching those years.

The whole trailer has a Gujarati flavour it

As Raees is set in Gujarat, the whole trailer has that peculiar Gujarati flavour, which reminded our editor of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Goliyon ki Raasleela… Ram Leela.

Sunny Leone is there too

We had earlier reported that Sunny Leone will be doing an item song in the movie, which will be a reprise of the popular ’80s song Laila O Laila. The trailer has not forgotten to include her as well, as we see a glimpse of Sunny Leone towards the end of the promo.

So going by the above observations, aren’t you excited about the trailer for Raees just like us? If so, don’t forget to watch this space as we bring you the trailer in some time.

Credit/Article Source: Bollywoodlife.com