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Sehwag’s Birthday Wish To “Biwiji” Is Hilarious! We Bet All Men Will Copy This For Their Wives!


2Virender Sehwag’s sense of humor has always been appreciated on Twitter and it has indeed become his identity. Whether you are a fan or cricket or not, you will surely like Sehwag’s hilarious style on Twitter.

His birthday wishes to cricket mates are very popular. However, his epic wishes are not only restricted to his mates, but have also been extended to his wife, Aarti.

Yes, today is Aarti’s birthday and Viru wished her in his own “Andaaz”. No, it wasn’t a romantic or a love message for her, but it had his trademark humor

He made a mention of “December 16”, a thriller based on the historical date, when Pak signed the Independence for Bangladesh in the year 1971. Not only that, he also

managed to include the demonetization angle in the tweet…

Woahh! Sehwag’s humor and wit have no competition at all, don’t you agree? This was definitely a great way of wishing Biwiji and all men must try this tactic; neither

did he have to use any romantic words and nor did he have to praise her much.