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Preity Zinta’s Brother Shoots Himself, Blames Wife & In-Laws



Bollywood actress Preity Zinta’s cousin Nitin Chauhan, who was living in Shimla, committed suicide on Friday morning. As per media reports, Preity Zinta’s brother shot himself in head with a pistol in a vehicle. Shockingly, nobody heard any gun firing sound until next morning.

Reports also suggest that in the morning, family informed police and that’s when they found him dead in the car. The Police reports said that Chauhan shot himself in the head with a pistol. During their search for evidences, The Police recovered two suicide notes, one from the car and the other from home.


Chauhan’s mother in her statement to the police said that he was at home last night but when his mother went to his room around midnight, he wasn’t there. She thought, he had gone for a drive. In the morning, they saw his vehicle parked roadside and blood near the car.

Nitin committed suicide a day before the hearing of his divorce case. Preity Zinta’s cousin brother and his wife had separated two years ago and had filed for divorce in the court.

Two suicide notes have been recovered – one from the car and the other from his home. In both notes that he left behind, he has blamed his wife and in-laws for driving him to take this extreme step.He has also accused them of harassing him by filing false cases and not allowing him to meet his son.

On the basis of the suicide notes, Police has filed abetment to suicide case against Nitin’s in-laws and are investigating the case.