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OMG! You’re not going believe how much Malaika Arora Khan charged Arbaaz Khan as alimony!


Arbaaz and Malaika Arora Khan are officially headed for divorce it seems. After attending a mandatory counselling session in Bandra, it sounds like the two are definitely done with each other and want to get their divorce settlement done as soon as possible. According to latest reports, Malaika wants to be paid an extremely high sum as her alimony. Scroll down to find out what her expectations are!

Malaika has demanded a minimum of 10.-15 crores as alimony. “That’s quite an amount no doubt, but Rs. 10 crore minimum is what Malaika wants. And she will not settle for anything lesser” the report added. Arbaaz has also agreed to this and promised to pay the sum over a period of time.

The news of Malaika and Arbaaz splitting up started this year in March when Malaika suddenly moved out of their home in Bandra and shifted to Tuscany apartments. Though they were being spotted in several outings even after, news suggests that the couple had moved on a long time ago. Arbaaz was spotted hanging out with an entrepreneur called Yellow Mehra whereas Malaika was tagged with Arjun Rampal and Arjun Kapoor. In the middle, they also tried to give their relationship a new meaning and settle the matter once and for all but that didn’t work out either. Malaika was the one keen on separation from the start.

They also released a statement long ago talking about how much they needed a break and spend time without one another to realise each other’s value. Clearly that was just to put as at rest for the moment. Their 18 year relationship was unstable for a long period of time especially since Malaika was not happy living on Salman’s earnings and Arbaaz requesting Malaika to quit her party life and live like a normal house wife.