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Monalisa Broke Down On ‘Bigg Boss 10’ Because Of This Shocking Reason


1482225295As we all know, Monalisa has grabbed plenty of attention on the current season of Bigg Boss 10 courtesy her lively antics and vivacious personality. Furthermore, she has also been in the limelight because of her rumoured affair with fellow contestant Manu Punjabi.
Now, she is in the news for a shocking reason.

As it so happens, recently, she took part in the UC Browser Video task. As part of the task, Bigg Boss informed her that earlier this month, her boyfriend Vikrant had appeared on Weekend Ka Vaar and made some harsh comments about her relationship with Manu. After coming to know of this, the Bhojpuri actress broke down and began sobbing uncontrollably. It goes without saying, this created a rather tense environment in the house.

Here’s What Had Happened

For the uninitiated, Vikrant had said that Monalisa is simply being manipulative and her feelings for Manu are fake. Interestingly, just like Vikrant, Manu’s fiancee too has been very critical about whatever has been happening in the house. In fact, during an interview with Times of India, she called Monalisa a ‘despo’.
Is Monalisa Really At Fault?

So, folks what do you feel about Monalisa-Manu’s friendship? Moreover, do you feel that Monalisa deserves the hate that has been coming her way because of the relationship?