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10 Interesting Statements Salman’s Girlfriend Iulia Made During Her First Interaction with the Indian Media



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In her home country Romania, she has been a part of the media fraternity herself as a news reader. When it comes to the Indian press, she is quite a popular name here, for being Salman Khan’s alleged girlfriend.

After being in news since a long time, Iulia finally made her first media appearance. There have been a lot of stories right from the marriage rumours to the cultural differences she found between India and Romania, but Iulia never got an opportunity to give her take on the news reports.

During her first media interaction, a press conference to announce the launch of her song Every Night and Day with Himesh Reshammiya, journalists pounced on the opportunity and asked for clarity. Here are the 10 things that Iulia said at the event as she cleared the air surrounding around her and Salman. <B>Read On…

Q Salman Khan hates media, any tips he gave you for your first interaction with the Indian press?

Well, no, Salman doesn’t hate media. And he just asked me to be natural.

Q Tell us about your relationship with Salman.

Salman is a very good friend. He has such a good heart. He is just welcoming to everyone.

Q Reports are that you and Salman will soon be tying the knot?

As I said we are very good friends. More than that what can I say? There is a lot of respect for him. It is only because of him that I met India and I love India. As a kid I used to read so many stories about the country and now that I am here, it just feels like home. In fact when I was leaving India and heading back to Romania, I cried. But now destiny has got me back.

Q But then there have been stories about you are not being comfortable with the Indian culture.

The reports about me not being comfortable with the Indian culture are not true.

Q There were stories about you being married already. Your comment.

The reports are untrue, I was never married.

Q Are you looking at making a career in singing?

Singing is my passion. I am not looking at making a career out of it.

Q Apart from Salman, who is your favourite actor?

That should be Anupam Kher

Q After singing, will you be looking at acting?

I love music, I have no plans of acting.

Q One thing you would want to change about India?

India is very beautiful, but the cleanup drive that they have started is very good.

Q So many reports about you keep floating around. Doesn’t it affect you?

I don’t find it difficult to go through these news reports, but for my parents these stories might be troublesome.

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