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These 3 stunning pictures of Kareena Kapoor flaunting her baby bump in a beautiful purple gown!



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With her baby due in December, Kareena Kapoor Khan is pretty heavily pregnant, yet she managed to look absolutely stunning in a floor length, purple gown, when she was spotted at Bandra while she was on a lunch date with sister Karishma Kapoor and bestie Amrita Arora.

While normal people always prefer to walk the conventional path in their life, Kareena Kapoor is someone who has never been afraid of defying convention and doing exactly what she pleases. From very early on in her acting career, Bebo has made it very clear that she only listens to the dictates of her own mind and never lets other people put ideas into her mind.

When it came to her pregnancy too, Kareena has stated right from the beginning that she will go about things in a regular fashion and will not act as though pregnancy is a kind of ‘disease’.

So whether it has been on the run way, on talk shows, in the airport or even at a casual outing, Kareena has done nothing to hide her baby bump and we certain salute this forward thinking attitude! Though most actresses in Bollywood try to keep their personal lives under tight wrap, especially when it comes to their children, Bebo is someone who has never been cagey about any aspects of her life and does not believe that she has anything at all to hide. She is not of the opinion that pregnancy is something to be ashamed of!