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Shocking: You Will Be Surprised to See the Fat to Fit Pictures of Aamir Khan



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It’s a known fact that for his upcoming film Dangal, Aamir Khan turned 97 kgs and later transformed into a fit wrestler.

The actor who essayed the role of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat had the option of using a body suit, but Mr Perfectionist that he is, Aamir rather took to the obesity route to make it look believably real on-screen. And boy, you will be shocked to see how swift Aamir was to yo-yo between his fat to fit avatar.

Revealing his flab to fab journey, Aamir had an interaction with the journalists as he unveiled the ‘making video’ of Dangal. The five minute footage chronicles the actor’s efforts in the healthy makeover.

“We began shooting with me being fat. All I had to do to gain weight was to eat all that we are not supposed to eat. From having ice creams, cakes, brownies to vada pav and samosas. I ate it all,” exclaims Aamir. The actor also mentions that once fat his body language changed. He says, “From how you walk to how you sit, all the mannerisms change. Mujhe shoe ki lace tie karne mein bhi dikkat hoti thi.”

As seen in the pictures above, Aamir became so fat that a few people thought this soon the actor will be off the market because of his over-weight!

While those were the thoughts of few, the actor mentions that his son Azad loved the chubby version of his father. He says, “He used to find me like a bear. He thought that the fluffy me was more cuddly.”

Soon, time arrived that the actor bid adieu to his fat. It was on Jan 10 that Aamir took the route to becoming fit and achieved his goal in straight 5 months on Jun 15.

In the making video, one can see Aamir lifting heavy weights under the supervision of his gym trainers. Apart from exercising, he even took help of a nutritionist Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar who gave a healthy diet regime to follow in order to achieve the target.
Sharing his diet schedule, Aamir said, “For losing weight, I would eat 25 grams of upma with 100 grams of papaya. It would be followed with protein shake and tuna sandwich. For lunch I would have rotis made of 30 grams of grains.”

The regular exercise and the strict diet did wonders for Aamir. See for yourselves in the pictures above.