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Ranveer Singh Shocking Answer On Asking About Relationship With Deepika Padukone !


ranveer-deepika-1Ranveer Singh has never held back from showing his love and appreciation for beau Deepika Padukone. The rumours was strongly buzzing stating that all is not well in the lovers’ paradise.

Ranveer and Vaani Kapoor launching the new song You and Me from their upcoming movie, Befikre. At the media question and answer session, obviously the Bajirao Mastani star was asked about reactions from family and girlfriend about the kisses between the two leads of film.

To this ranveer replied, “As I have told you earlier, the kisses in this film are full of love and warmth. I think anybody who is intelligent enough at a very basic level is incognizant of that. Like you see Labon Ka Karobaar, there are many different kinds of kisses and they are full of that feeling of love. Nobody will cringe when they watch it. And that is why we got U/A certificate. Family, friends kya bolenge, maine toh U/A film ki hai. Kaamal Hai”.


Ranveer gave a smart answer as an escape but the journalist was not in the mood to take diplomatic answers and probed further stating “That means you are accepting you have a girlfriend.” Surprised at first, Ranveer immediately gained composure and said, “What did I say family and friends. Madam, I have worked six years in this industry and I have become expert by now”.

Clearly Ranveer avoided having to talk about Deepika and this is a first. Not even in his usual wit and humour did he mention anything remotely related to her.