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OMG! Alia Bhatt reveals what made her feel bad about Shah Rukh Khan while shooting for Dear Zindagi!


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Alia Bhatt has a complaint against her co actor Shah Rukh Khan who apparently couldn’t make enough time during the shoot of Dear Zindagi. No, we are not talking about making time for Alia but making time for food. The Bollywood actor is so busy with this busy schedule and a hectic life that he actually skips a few meals. His best and favourite company is coffee and he makes sure to drink if often.

Alia mentioned that there is not a single thing that she hates about her co actor. In fact he is very chilled and relaxed when it comes to working on the sets. But she does get disappointed when she sees him not eating at all. On the sets everyone is expected to be quiet. Nobody speaks at all. And there are times when scenes need to be rehearsed over and over again. So when someone’s stomach suddenly growled and made a sound, Alia knew it was Shah Rukh. Then she started to give him biscuits. He drinks plenty of coffee but doesn’t eat much.

Alia said “He is very cool. He is not strict at all. He treats everyone equally on sets. We spoke about everything. Our thoughts and behaviour are similar. The gist of our emotion is the same. The way we carry them out is different.”

Alia thinks that Dear Zindagi is a movie that will change people’s minds. It is a different film indeed and definitely one of the biggest changes in her career.

“In this film, we are talking to life itself. When we talk to someone we address them as Dear so and so. Since we are talking to life, we have named the film as Dear Zindagi. I relate to a lot of situations in the film and I am sure everyone else will,” said the Dear Zindagi actress