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Not just Deepika Padukone but here are 4 Indian actresses who de-glamed for their Hollywood films


1. Deepika Padukone‘s latest de-glamed avatar

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Are you still in a bit of shock after seeing Deepika Padukone‘s latest de-glamed avatar? We had reported on November 10 after a series of pictures of DP surfaced on social media. For several reasons, this was a surprise that jolted us back to reality ranging from one, she signed a film secretly and two, she’s going for a de-glam avatar for her next Hollywood, well, international film. The article might be receiving a lot of perplexed gazes, hence I’ll divulge the whole scenario to you.

Basically, Deepika’s pictures surfaced on social media in the wake of November 10. We were in for a shock as never have we seen the diva de-glam so much. Wearing a raggedy salwar kameez, the actress held a few clothes in her hand and her hair was dishevelled as well. All this occurred at Dhobi Ghat, a day before. In the frame, we also caught sight of renowned Iranian filmmaker, Majid Majidi. While speculations were that she started shooting already, it was soon found out that it was just a look test as the director wanted to see if DP fit the bill. With the hullabaloo around Deepika’s de-glam avatar finally came to rest.