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Koffee with Karan: Here is what will happen on Yesterday’s episode. Twinkle Khanna will make the show a laugh riot!



Koffee with Karan is back with a bang. The show’s star Karan Johar hosts various guests every week over a steaming cup of coffee. The first episode of the fifth season had Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt as guests. And the second episode is going to be a wonderful one as Karan’s BFF Twinkle Khanna is making her Koffee debut. Yep! Mrs Funny Bones will grace the show and she will be accompanied with her husband Akshay Kumar, who made his KWK debut in the last season.

We know how funny Twinkle Khanna is, already. Sure as hell she will lift the spirits of the show to whole another level. She is going to be a total laugh riot, with her with, humour and sarcasm. Last season we saw Akshay Kumar pull Karan’s leg by putting him on the spot and ask him the rapid fire questions. This episode will also see a similar moment when Twinkle will turn the table on Karan and ask him a question. When Karan asks Twinkle to pick the coolest Khan amongst Shah Rukh, Aamir, Salman – Twinkle will say “Why don’t you add one more Khan to the list. Fawad Khan. And you answer the question?” The expression on Karan and Akshay’s face will be worth making a gif out of. We know the entire ADHM controversy, that is the reason behind this remark.