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From Bikini to Kissing the Boyfriend B Town Star Daughters Who Made A Hustle with Their Pictures


Sara Ali Khan hogged a lot of attention when her pictures where she is kissing her boyfriend Veer Pahariya got viral.

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There was a time when we used to talk about Bollywood stars’ kids in a rather curious way because there was no way could take a peek into their lives. However, thanks to social media, we not just know what goes on in their lives but many of us who religiously follow these star kids even know their food and fashion preferences.

Before we go ahead, here’s the thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman donning a bikini or kissing her boyfriend. So much so, that even writing about it feels like we are branding them a certain way. However, when a celeb daughter pulls off a thing like that on social media, it makes headlines; so does everything else, including what they eat for breakfast to what colour of Kylie lip gloss a star daughter likes to wear.

But there are some social media posts that make more hustle than the others. And we are here to bring across just that. From classiest of swimwear donned by these star daughters to their best chill scenes with their friends, here’s everything that made a hustle on social media.