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Birthday Special: These 11 RARE pictures of Kamal Haasan will take you through the star’s exciting journey


On Kamal Haasan’s 62 birthday, let’s go down memory lane with these rare pictures.

1. Kamal Haasan in his childhood

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Kamal Haasan – an actor who has surprised us, moved us, shocked us, scared us and amazed us. He has done it all! He is synonymous to versatility and nobody can deny that. He an exciting personality on screen and off screen. His life can truly be made into a film. After 40 year career, it is safe to say, Kamal Haasan is not just an actor but a prolific film maker, brilliant writer, amazing singer and an excellent performer! There is so much to learn from the veteran star, not only when it comes to acting, but also otherwise. He has always been unabashed about his beliefs, stood by his values come what way. He is one those rare actors who has dared to walk down a path less trodden, and it has paid off and how. Because, now there are things only Kamal Haasan can do, and the biggest irony, there is no element of surprise , because it’s all part of being Kamal Haasan.

From Sadma, Appu Raja, Dasavatharam, Vishwaroopam, Chachi 420, Anbe Sivam, Pushpak, Nayagan – he has given us films that we can cherish forever. Apart from making us his fan, he has given us some food for thought with his performances and unique story concepts. As he turns 62 today, we are going down memory lane to look back at some of the iconic moments captured in Kamal Haasan’s life. Right from his child to his early teens to his candid moments on the sets, to his precious father-daughter moments, to his marriages, relationships. Each of these pictures have made Kamal Haasan who he is today! Come take a look!