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BBC Includes Sunny Leone Among 100 Influential Women of 2016. Here are Some Life Facts her Fans must know


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Today people know her as a Bollywood star. Not many years back, she was a porn star. But there was also a time in her life when she was Karenjit Kaur Vohra. Sunny Leone sure has come very far ahead in her life.

This simple girl who was born to Punjabi parents in Canada and had a normal life while growing up. When she was 11, they shifted to US for a better living. She was studying to be a nurse but those plans had to bite the dust because her fate had success and glamour in it. She also worked at a German bakery for a while.

Sunny started doing adult films at the age of 19 without informing her parents. However, it was when she got featured on the cover of Penthouse magazine and won some whopping amount, that she told her parents about her decision of becoming an adult star.

Sunny told in an interview that like any parents, Sunny’s parents also rebuked and became extremely angry on knowing her career choice. She really had to convince them to accept the fact that their daughter had become a porn star.

Today BBC has included her in the list of 100 most influential people. Her journey of becoming a Bollywood star from an adult star has not remained a cake walk. Where she had to struggle for long to make a Bollywood debut; even so many years on, Sunny continues to fight the social stigma of once having worked in adult films because according to her no one sees a serious actor in her and thus never rewards her in award functions.

It was Bigg Boss after appearing on which, Sunny’s career graph drastically altered. This year, she has completed five years since the time she became a part of the popular reality show. Here are some more facts about Sunny her fans must know.